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Kerrie Legend

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Copy Cocktail: How to Write Yummy Words That Convert & Delight

You spend hours & hours staring at a blank page, wishing that writing copy was easier. You write. Revise. And it never seems good enough, but you hit "publish" anyway, knowing it's probably not the best or as good as what's-her-face's page or product description, but it'll do. It explains your product or web page pretty basic.

That's how you feel, right? Basic.

And then, after pushing your product countless times on social media and in your newsletter, you hear nothing but crickets.

It's time to learn how to write better copy. Copy that reflects who you are and what you love, but also connects with your reader. The reader that is really interested in what you do and offer, but can't see how what you're offering applies to them.

Learn about writing juicy, sweet copy, how lifeing hangovers and happy hours will impact how you approach your customers, how to blend together copy cocktail elixirs using the STIR method, how to write copy that sells as crazy as mocktails at a lemonade stand, and most importantly, how to be YOU while writing--your most authentic self, so you attract the customers who get you, love you, and come back to you for more.

Learn how to quickly identify:

  • Your customer's wants and desires
  • Who your customer is by building an avatar
  • What persuasive copywriting is and the words to use

In addition, you'll learn about:

  • Writing copy for a product that is considered a luxury and doesn't have a lifeing hangover attached
  • How writing headlines is easier than you thought, but there's a recipe for writing copy for headlines
  • Copy that perfectly reflects who you are and what you do, and how to write it and sell using your About page or Media Kit

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