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Writing for a Living & Making Money Using Search Engines: How to Make Money with Your Writing, 100+

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This is a collection of 3 of Kerrie Legend's books that focus on writing entrepreneurship and making money with written content using the power of search engines.

Inside you'll find three books: How to Make Money with Your Writing, 100 Ways to Re-Purpose Your Content, and Learn Pinterest Strategy. These books were strategically grouped together for the benefit of an entrepreneur looking to broaden their audience, reach, and email list.

These books focus on using writing as a medium to build a lifelong income stream from digital and physical assets built from the skills of writing. You'll learn the ins and outs of publishing, how to grow your audience and reach more people through writing and learning to write for search engines, and using your existing content to maximize the number of online channels without doing so much extra work.

This is a writer's dream SEO collection of how to really dominate the web with writing. Here's more information on what's inside each book.

How to Make Money with Your Writing:
This book will teach you how to make money with your writing, whether it's from your blog, digital products, eBooks, courses, paperback or hardcover books, freelance writing and another form of written content. It covers the elements of self-publishing and how to get started within minutes of finishing a book, the pros and cons of both traditional publishing and self-publishing, how to grow your email list, how to make money through content marketing, the best ways to use affiliate income opportunities, how to earn money as a freelancer, and how all of these opportunities are making incomes for writers who have chosen to focus on their creativity to educate, inspire and entertain readers.
If you've ever wondered how you can turn your profession and existing career into an income-generating opportunity online, this book is worth reading. If you're new to self-publishing or what to get help learning the process of the book publishing business, definitely pick this book up to learn more. This book covers all the elements that go into writing and producing written material and preparing it to sell. You'll learn about growing email lists, making content upgrades, connecting with readers, finding your tribe, marketing your writing and finding ways to challenge yourself to expand your audience.

100+ Ways to Re-Purpose Your Content:
Why re-purpose your content? Why not just create more articles, more information… more? Well, there are several reasons. While it’s great to be able to come up with blog post after post, you might be missing the point of blogging and what the end goal really is. Exposure, audience, and virality. Income! That’s really the focus of blogging and developing content, aside from providing quality content. This book is going to help you re-repurpose your content in over 100 different ways, along with showing you where else you could be posting and sharing your content online. It's going to help you re-think how you blog and write your content.

Learn Pinterest Strategy:
Pinterest is an incredible search engine tool that is perfect for bloggers & marketers to grow their businesses online. Constantly draw in new clients and customers (not to mention traffic) who are excited to hear what you have to say and are more than willing to share it with their friends and followers. A blogger’s dream, right?!

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