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Kerrie Legend

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Bold Book Interior Template - 30+ Pages

This is a custom-made book interior template you can use in Microsoft Word to create an amazing-looking book interior. Easy to format and utilizes style guides. Fonts are included with the download, as they may not be easily accessible to the general public. This perfectly designed, easy to customize book formatting template will keep your readers happy.

Professional book formatting is important to establish credibility – if a reader scans your book and notices problems with the text or layout, they’re going to assume the book is unprofessional and probably not worth reading. Don’t give them a reason to pass on your book before they’ve even started reading it! Also, formatting is more than just how the book looks. Choosing what to put in the front or back matter can have a huge difference in how readers consume and respond to your work.

***Easy to Use, Just Copy, Paste, and Style your Manuscript.*** The styles are already pre-built so even if you “mess up” you can easy fix your manuscript format with a click of the button!

If you like the look and the ease of being able to just click a couple buttons to achieve a perfectly-formatted book interior, then go ahead and purchase it today!

Unlike other expensive book interior template files, you will not require licensing or have to credit the designer if you do not want to. You can use it multiple times. No book registration requirements, either. 36+ pages included in the template. Offers 5 different chapter styles.

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